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Cleaning For Health

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Cleaning Facility Services is committed to developing and maintaining an environment that enhances human health and fosters a transition toward sustainable cleaning.Our ‘Clean Green’ program is a commercial cleaning program that is designed to increase the health and quality of the buildings we service.

Our goal is to provide cleaning services with the health, safety and welfare of our building occupants, front-line workers and the environment in mind. By focusing on cleaning for ‘health’, we fulfill our objective of providing a working environment with a daily scheduled cleaning program for critical high-touch point areas that is vital to control the spread of infectious germs to other surfaces and others.

Ensuring a healthy environment has never been more important. With recent public health threats, such as H1N1, MRSA, Norovirus, Avian Flu, SARS and others, facility managers have an increasing responsibility to ensure that they are doing everything to defend against a possible outbreak. This is where cleaning plays a crucial, albeit, all-too- often underrated role. 

By focusing on the concept of cleaning for health and adopting a cleaning program based on such a concept, facility managers can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and validate their role as an innovative environmental steward. Once the concept of green cleaning is understood, it is possible to take the next step and begin to consider how to implement an effective program and have your facility ‘Clean Green’.



Butler FM

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Butler FM: Our bio-metric portal system that allows us to track employee movements and records in real time. It not only gives management a real time record of when our employees enter and leave our clients facilities, it also provides a record of the tasks that were completed and the time it took to complete those tasks.  If also gives our clients  the ability too request additional non contracted tasks. Our clients are given access to our employee records. Those records include photos of the employee, a copy of their criminal background check, copies of any training or other mandatory certifications as well as other basic information we believe are important security items.



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The men and women who are responsible for the actual cleaning of our facilities represent the backbone of the cleaning industry. They are the individuals who are tasked with making sure that building occupants can enjoy a clean, healthy and safe indoor environment. However, for a cleaning service professional to perform a task effectively, they must be trained on the best way to do so.


Quality Assurance

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Our commitment to quality is reflected in our company mission statement as well as a daily approach to our job duties. At Cleaning Facility Services we also understand the importance of a formal quality assurance program to maintain and measure this commitment to quality.

Our quality assurance program ensures adherence to our own high standards, early intervention to potential problems and better utilization of staff resources. It is a combined effort by all levels of management and staff to keep our clients informed on the operational issues pertaining to their facilities before they become problems.



Vendor Partnerships

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The Cleaning Facility Services staff is responsible for ensuring that properties are safely maintained and cleaned each and every day.  The management of our client accounts and vendor partners is an important way that we distinguish ourselves from the competition. Our strategic partnerships not only enhance our service delivery capabilities, but provide more value for our clients by facilitating integrated service offerings in facility management services. Our strategic partnerships not only enhance service delivery capabilities, but provide more value for our clients by facilitating integrated service offerings in critical markets. 

Cleaning Facility Services’ strengths lay in having an established business model tailored to the delivery of premier facility services solutions. Our team members combine strategic, financial, operational, and technical skills, which we believe are essential to adding value for our clients. Cleaning Facility Services consists of industry veterans and successful business leaders. We are among the most respected, talented and experienced team of professionals in the facilities industry. 



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