Cleaning for Health Training

The men and women who are responsible for the cleaning of our facilities represent the backbone of the cleaning industry. They are the individuals who are tasked with making sure that building occupants can enjoy a clean, healthy and safe indoor environment.  

Cleaning Facility Services helps facility managers, building owners, and tenants protect the health and comfort of their building occupants. Our training programs and services, delivered by seasoned professionals with cross-discipline expertise in public health and industrial hygiene, are designed to facilitate GS-42 certification, gain points toward LEED certification, and support a wide range of environmental wellness goals.






ISSA CITS Training

To determine the best course of training action for our frontline staff, Cleaning Facility Services has teamed up with the ISSA Cleaning Industry Training Standard (CITS) program, a tool that measures the quality of existing training programs and verifies the programs that adhere to a strict set of standards. 

In addition, ISSA developed CITS Cleaning 101, which serves as a prerequisite for the Advanced Pro courses. The Cleaning 101 Study Guide covers the core principles of the cleaning industry, such as the importance of personal protective equipment, ground rules while on the job, and the typical day of a cleaning professional. 

After passing Cleaning 101, those employees who wish to grow within Cleaning Facility Services, may participate in any of the advanced specialty training programs. Cleaning Facility Services has heard the demand for verified training of our frontline staff and we are certain that the CITS training not only ensures our staff are well-trained and safe, but also paves the way to transform custodial work from simply a job into a truly respected profession.





Continuing Education

Cleaning Facility Services regularly reviews its training program with Supervisors to identify and verify if the cleaning staff require a refresher or reorientation of any aspect of the training. In addition, Cleaning Facility Services holds monthly mandatory meetings with all site and area supervisor to provide information and updates about new products in our inventory, refresh staff on cleaning techniques and to address ongoing performance concerns. It is for this reason that all of our Supervisors and Managers have received their ISSA Advanced Cleaning Certification under the CITS program.





Pandemic Preparedness Training

Cleaning Facility Services, is pandemic ready. Cleaning Facility Services has partnered with Avmor,'Canada’s Leading Provider of Professional Cleaning Products & Solutions' and one of our valued service and training partners. Our Pandemic Preparedness Plan details specific processes to maintain business continuity.  Our training provides contingency for factors such as equipment, supplies, communication, the health and safety of our employees, and uninterrupted service to our valued clients. It provides a guide to protect the health and safety of our staff including information on infection control and disease prevention for them and their families. Cleaning Facility Services has emergency stock levels of personal protective equipment such as vinyl gloves, surgical masks, and alcohol-based hand sanitizers





Additional Training

In addition to training on being a front line professional cleaner, our staff receive the following requisite training.

  • Global Harmonization System Training
  • BILL 168 Training
  • Accessibility for Ontarian's with Disabilities Act, 2005
  • Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Training


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