Commercial Cleaning Service

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Companies often outsource their cleaning to a commercial cleaning provider, to reduce the amount of time spent managing staff. Cleaning Facility Services has implemented procedures and systems to ensure we deliver a reliable, high quality cleaning service so that our customers can concentrate on running their business, safe in the knowledge that the contract is  running smoothly and being well managed.

Cleaning Facility Services offer commercial cleaning solutions based on bio-technology and rigorously trained cleaners who are extremely effective in preventing cross-contamination. The thorough cleaning methods utilized by Cleaning Facility Services are designed to keep nasty viruses, day to day grime and dust firmly under control.

Our customer-centred services will allow you to enjoy healthier, cleaner and most importantly safer offices.  Better still we can help you to reduce staff absence due to sickness through airborne germs and effectively minimize your costs.  We provide long term and one-off services, both of which could make a significant difference to your business.

Cleaning Facility Services prides itself on being flexible, customer centric and offering a service that adapts to your environment and needs.  In addition to our high quality commercial cleaning we offer a suite of complimentary services through our vendor partnership agreement  (i.e grounds maintenance, pest control, recycling and security to name a few) 

At Cleaning Facility Services, we understand that our customers’ satisfaction is correlated to our success. We adhere to rigorous quality standards to ensure that our service never disappoints. We practice a quality control inspection program second-to-none for all of our service sites assuring detail and customer satisfaction. 


Floor Care

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Do your floors look dirty and scuffed up, even though they are swept and mopped daily?  Does your floor finish look cloudy?  We can bring your floors back to their former appearance and shine with our floor care regimen tailored to your particular flooring and needs. We use state-of-the-art equipment and quality materials to give you the results you are looking for. Our staff is specially trained to handle all types of flooring operations, from vinyl flooring to marble flooring.

We also offer: Tile Grout Cleaning and Restoration, Composite Floor Restoration, Concrete Pressure Washing/Cleaning/Sealing, Construction Clean Ups, Initial Clean Ups, Pre/Post Occupancy Clean Ups. We use state of the art equipment in performance of all services.



Carpet Cleaning

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Are your carpets spotty and dirty?  Are your carpets in such poor shape that you've considered replacing them?  We can save you time and money by providing carpet cleaning tailored to your facility.  In addition to carpet cleaning, we also provide 3M Scotch Guard protection to retard stains and dirt, keeping your carpets looking cleaner longer.  We use state of the art equipment and quality materials to give you the best results.


Construction/Final Cleanup

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Pre or post construction clean-up and debris removal can be a challenge. Contractors throughout the greater GTA areas rely on Cleaning Facility Services to partner with to clean up before or after their construction projects. We can work with you in all phases of remodelling and building construction. Cleaning Facility Services will perform a comprehensive detail cleaning for proper staging and presentation. 

Our cost-effective post construction clean-up services include:

  • Flooring: auto-washed, sealed, waxed and scrubbed
  • Carpeting: hot water extraction cleaned, pile lifting and bonnet surface cleaning
  • Walls, ceilings and doors: cleaned of dust, marks and scuffs
  • Windows thoroughly cleaned
  • Hallways, restrooms and common areas: high-traffic areas cleaned and prepared for opening
  • Offices: Ready for move-in day
  • Parking lots and garages: auto sweeping and power washing

When building a new facility, post-construction cleaning is generally the last thought of any building manager or contractor, as it is overlooked by the overall completion and design of a facility. But post-construction cleaning is quite critical for any new facility as it is one of the final steps in prepping a newly developed property for its future tenants. But post-construction cleaning doesn’t only occur at the end of a construction project, it can also occur in the early, middle, and end stage of a construction project in order to generate a clean workspace for workers, contractors, and the occupants.

Stage 1 --Prep Cleaning

In the early stages of construction, cleaning services can be requested after the framing, plumbing, and electrical processes have been installed and inspected, and can occur either before or after drywall has been implemented. At this stage, construction cleanup generally consists of debris removal and cleanup of any dirt, sawdust, and soil. Cleaning at the early stages of a construction project is to prep the area for the painting, floor installation, and more.

Stage 2-- Post Cleaning

The second stage when construction is requested occurs before the general contractor's final inspection. Cleaning at this stage includes removing all stickers or notes on fixtures, appliances, and windows, as well as a general wipe-down of surfaces.

Stage 3-- Finale Cleaning 

Once all the contractors have finished their tasks and the construction of a facility has been completed, this is generally where most post-construction cleaning services are sought. As the construction is completed, a detailed cleaning is required in order to finely clean a facility, making it readily available for the occupants to move in. When our professional cleaning crew arrives, we will vacuum carpets, wipe-down and dust all surfaces, mop hard-surfaced floors, and ensure that the facility is thoroughly spotless.

When you need post-construction cleaning services contact Commercial Facility Services, We’re experts in the commercial cleaning industry and we offer high quality post-construction cleaning services.


Daylight Cleaning

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It's a New Day in Cleaning

Traditional facility cleaning is an “out of sight, out of mind” process. The cleaners show up at night, clean the building, and are gone by the next morning. But a different approach to facility cleaning -- cleaning during daytime hours -- offers substantial financial and non-financial benefits for facility managers and building owners.

Cleaning Facility Services is proud to have become involved in Day Cleaning, Cleaning Facility Services will be introducing Day Cleaning through a partnership with DCS Global Enterprises LP, a leading provider of cleaning consulting services. Our goal is to not only practice sustainability in all we do, but to help our clients become more sustainable in their operations. Day Cleaning will help our clients achieve significant, measurable reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Day cleaning is not typical night cleaning performed during the day. Our Healthy High Performance Day Cleaning (HHPC), program consist of: sustainable cleaning practices, tools, equipment and chemicals with the addition of specific customer service techniques and a customized cleaning approach developed specifically for a daytime environment.  The HHPC Day program produces several direct and indirect benefits.
The Benefits of Healthy High Performance Day Cleaning

Day cleaning can reduce the amount of electricity needed to light the building as the crews are now working mostly during daylight hours. In turn reduced electrical consumption lowers the amount of money spent on energy bills for the facility, decreasing operating costs. Staffing can occasionally be reduced by redundancies that are created with the overlap of day porter and night janitors now cleaning during daylight hours . This in turn reduces janitorial costs. Further, the use of water-based technology can potentially reduce a facility’s chemical procurement costs, resulting in an improved bottom line. 

Day cleaning increases building occupants’ perception of cleaning as they witness the process. This results in more satisfied building occupants who have far fewer concerns about cleaning in the workplace. Day cleaning is also a socially responsible program giving more dignity to works and allowing them to spend time at home with their families in the evenings rather than working through the night.

For Property Managers

  • Up to 8% energy savings
  • Decreased complaints
  • Environmental footprint reduction
  • Meets LEED requirements for green cleaning
  • Enhanced building security

For Occupants and Tenants

  • Proactive cleaning program
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased perception of cleanliness
  • Contribution to corporate social responsibility
  • Reduced security concern

Restorative Cleaning

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The build-up of sand, salt and debris will not only look unsightly, it will also cause premature deterioration of your parking garage area. Parking garage cleaning helps protect your investment and prevent future repair and maintenance expenses. Cleaning underground or enclosed parking garage levels can greatly increase indoor air quality, since cars driving through the garage will not kick up dust. And owners appreciate that their parked vehicles stay cleaner, longer.

Since the low clearance height of many underground parking garage levels do not allow for the use of sweeper trucks, we offer an excellent alternative.  Cleaning Facility Services staff use power sweepers and high pressure power washers to obtain great results.  Even when clearance height allows for use of truck sweepers, their design does not allow for them to effectively clean corners, walls or columns.  We tackle these areas, resulting in a parking area that looks clean and well maintained. We also do high dusting of overhead pipes in parking garages, as well as dusting of fire hose boxes, etc.  Contact Cleaning Facility Services for a no-pressure, no obligation quotation for your parking garage cleaning.


Interior Day Porter/Matron Services

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Cleaning Facility Services provides your business with dependable and experienced day porters. You will get the peace of mind to know that all of your interior cleaning needs will be handled professionally and in a timely manner leaving you free to focus on your business and clients Our porter service includes a full-time or part-time, well-trained custodian to perform all of the daily duties to keep your office or facility clean at all times. A Day Porter performs many valuable, personalized duties to give your business the professional care needed.




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