Environmental Policy

Healthy High Performance Green Cleaning

Cleaning Facility Services is here to help building owners and facilities managers adopt new and more efficient approaches to cleaning that protect the environment and the health of building occupants. Our high cleanliness levels, cost effective solutions and a sustainable cleaning program is designed for today’s sustainable thinking property managers and owners.

Despite the growing popularity of “being green,” few people realize that a significant public health issue exists in the way that we clean and maintain our schools, office buildings, colleges and universities. Cleaning chemicals, processes and equipment can cause poor indoor air quality and contribute to a wide range or respiratory and health problems. The demand for more environmentally-friendly cleaning solution with low toxicity and the ability to deliver high performance levels has grown over the last two decades.

Cleaning Facility Services has committed to being an industry leader in adopting the principles of sustainability cleaning and   putting them into measurable action for our clients. The use of our green products and practices helps minimize the impact on the environment and contributes to a healthier indoor environment for tenants, employees, visitors and service providers. Cleaning Facility Services uses Ecologo certified green cleaning products and practices/equipment that minimize paper waste, conserve water, that captures a large percentage of particulates and produces low emissions.





Healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) is important to the satisfaction and productivity of all occupants of our facility, and a key component for all green building certification programs. Cleaning Facility Services takes a proactive approach to managing IAQ at the properties we services and follows the highest standards from Health Canada, Provincial Workers’ Compensation Boards and ASHRAE. 


Measure, Manage & Report Your Clean Green Program Success.

The benefits of going green extend far beyond reducing the negative impact of environmental health. Our Clean Green initiatives—whether in commercial buildings, residential properties, schools and universities, or medical offices—can positively affect your performance, productivity, tenant recruitment and retention, and reputation. But while we all want to do something to help protect the environment and the health of our buildings, a lack of practical solutions and cost-effective implementation often impedes our progress.

CLEAN GREEN -Assessment Services,

Our Clean Green assessment services are designed to help you gain a better understanding of your current cleaning program and indoor environment. Whether you wish you achieve points toward LEED  and BOMA BEST certification, become a ECOLOGO recognized building, or just create a greener, healthier indoor environment, we will help you identify and execute green initiatives that align with your environmental wellness goals.

Cleaning Facility Services Can Help Property Managers:

  • Differentiate your properties and protect the health of building occupants.
  • Deliver high-performance green cleaning in compliance with the nation's highest standards for protecting health and the environment.
  • Utilize high-efficiency cleaning technology  and processes to improve indoor air quality.
  • Significantly reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies through the implantation of green technology, processes and procedures that comply to the highest standards of cleaning for health and the environment.
  • Assist in achieving LEED O&M points and compliance.
  • Implementing a low environmental impact cleaning schedule, which should reduce the impact on energy, use of chemicals and time spent cleaning the building.
  • Using sustainable cleaning equipment that takes into account improving IAQ, reduced sound levels and energy efficiency;
  • Implementing safe chemical storage procedures;


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