Emergency Services

About our Emergency Response Program

In addition to it’s own adequate and competent forces, Cleaning Facility Services in service partnership with Rainbow International Restoration (RIR), is your ‘ON-CALL' solution provider for all your greater emergency restoration needs. Our joint Emergency Services Department provides a wide array of specialty cleaning, repair and restoration services that are offered in conjunction with our Janitorial Maintenance Services.

Rainbow International Restoration is our emergency response service partner tasked with resolving our clients problems, whether it’s a fire, a natural disaster or an event that disrupts a company’s ability to serve its clients. For more than 30 years, Rainbow International® has provided professional restoration services and understands how critical it is to get our clients back in their homes and companies back in operation quickly. When an emergency happens to condominium buildings or properties, a quick response is crucial to assist in the return to full operating capacity as rapidly as possible. A quick response can also save a significant amount of money regarding the final cost of the repairs if the situation is mitigated quickly. 






Why you need an ERP

Being prepared is always the key to effective disaster management, and planning now will prevent a bigger headache later. Having a mitigation started immediately saves time and money – both for you and your insurer – and gets you back in business faster. It is becoming standard practice in many industries to incorporate the mitigation/restoration component into your overall Emergency Response Management Plans.

Our Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is a great way to be sure that in case of an emergency, our client’s are guaranteed the priority service they deserve as a valued Cleaning Facility Services client. CFS/RIR fundamental goals are to protect, preserve and restore order when a crisis occurs.

The ERP is a discussion and planning session with our facility managers before any disaster occurs. It is our understanding of your business, and its infrastructure beforehand. It allows us to know your needs and priorities. It is our ability to help you plan for an emergency, and best utilize our know-how to help you get through it as quickly and as safely as possible. By partnering with us beforehand, you will know who to call as soon as a situation arises, you will know what to expect, and you will have peace of mind knowing that someone who knows your business is prepared to help you.

Cleaning Facility Services’s ERP Program Includes:

  • Developing a solid communications strategy, as well as walk-throughs of your locations, so we know your procedures, challenges and options. 
  • Our partnership agreement includes predetermining expectations and price/cost thresholds so we can work as quickly as possible, knowing you have authorized us to do so. 
  • Our goals are to provide peace of mind to our clients – before, during and after a disaster situation.


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