Construction/Final Cleanup

Pre or post construction clean-up and debris removal can be a challenge. Contractors throughout the greater GTA areas rely on Cleaning Facility Services to partner with to clean up before or after their construction projects. We can work with you in all phases of remodelling and building construction. Cleaning Facility Services will perform a comprehensive detail cleaning for proper staging and presentation. 

Our cost-effective post construction clean-up services include:

  • Flooring: auto-washed, sealed, waxed and scrubbed
  • Carpeting: hot water extraction cleaned, pile lifting and bonnet surface cleaning
  • Walls, ceilings and doors: cleaned of dust, marks and scuffs
  • Windows thoroughly cleaned
  • Hallways, restrooms and common areas: high-traffic areas cleaned and prepared for opening
  • Offices: Ready for move-in day
  • Parking lots and garages: auto sweeping and power washing




When building a new facility, post-construction cleaning is generally the last thought of any building manager or contractor, as it is overlooked by the overall completion and design of a facility. But post-construction cleaning is quite critical for any new facility as it is one of the final steps in prepping a newly developed property for its future tenants. But post-construction cleaning doesn’t only occur at the end of a construction project, it can also occur in the early, middle, and end stage of a construction project in order to generate a clean workspace for workers, contractors, and the occupants




Stage 1 --Prep Cleaning

In the early stages of construction, cleaning services can be requested after the framing, plumbing, and electrical processes have been installed and inspected, and can occur either before or after drywall has been implemented. At this stage, construction cleanup generally consists of debris removal and cleanup of any dirt, sawdust, and soil. Cleaning at the early stages of a construction project is to prep the area for the painting, floor installation, and more.





Stage 2-- Post Cleaning

The second stage when construction is requested occurs before the general contractor's final inspection. Cleaning at this stage includes removing all stickers or notes on fixtures, appliances, and windows, as well as a general wipe-down of surfaces.




Stage 3-- Finale Cleaning 

Once all the contractors have finished their tasks and the construction of a facility has been completed, this is generally where most post-construction cleaning services are sought. As the construction is completed, a detailed cleaning is required in order to finely clean a facility, making it readily available for the occupants to move in. When our professional cleaning crew arrives, we will vacuum carpets, wipe-down and dust all surfaces, mop hard-surfaced floors, and ensure that the facility is thoroughly spotless.

When you need post-construction cleaning services contact Commercial Facility Services, We’re experts in the commercial cleaning industry and we offer high quality post-construction cleaning services.


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