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ButlerFM: Our bio-metric portal system that allows us to track employee movements and records in real time. It not only gives management a real time record of when our employees enter and leave our clients facilities, it also provides a record of the tasks that were completed and the time it took to complete those tasks.  If also gives our clients  the ability too request additional non contracted tasks. Our clients are given access to our employee records. Those records include photos of the employee, a copy of their criminal background check, copies of any training or other mandatory certifications as well as other basic information we believe are important security items.

Logix is a fully customizable and flexible Task Management system which keeps efficient records and control of available resources. In addition to our Task Management system, we have created an interactive Deficiency Resolution module which allows us to track any shortfalls in service identified by our staff, our clients staff or their tenants.  This system allows us to track all items which may have not met our standard of performance, review the solution to the issue and to track whether or not this issue continues. The collection of this data allows us to identify which front line staff members may need additional training, and which ones may need to be relocated or their job descriptions modified. What’s more, clients can use Logix to access to the latest information on products, equipment, work processes, and codes and regulations.

It’s All About Execution

The cornerstone of our Client Management System (Logix), eliminates process variation and links our performance to our client’s specific needs and requirements. The core elements of Logix client services software includes seven primary modules that work together to increase efficiency and ensure excellence for our clients:

Production Scheduling: Optimizes employee schedules and improves time management

Quality Control: Tracks areas where improvements are being made, areas that need more attention, or employees who need additional training

Personnel Management: Tracks employee training records and performance, addressing both strengths and weaknesses

Financial Management: Helps to reduce costs related to labor, supplies, equipment, and overtime by reporting where and when dollars are spent according to each building

Inventory Management: Ensures value from supply and equipment expenditures by taking an inventory of all existing supplies and equipment and assisting in a life-cycle analysis of capital equipment

Program Evaluation: Evaluates our training programs, identifies employees who lack training, and tracks training costs and other department expenses

Deficiency Tracking and Reporting: Issue resolution and follow up.




Client Portal

Cleaning Facility Services recognizes the importance of monitoring the cleaning standards on each and every client site, therefore over the last few years we have invested heavily in the development of a ‘client portal, that has been designed in consideration of our clients’ needs and site specific specifications.

Our management system, Logix, allows for access to a client portal which will be made available for all our clients to access whenever required for all relevant contract information for cleaning services. Transparency and openness are a valued part of a successful client-contractor relationship and our client portal will permit access to  key data of the contract.

Logix  is accessed through a password controlled client log-in screen and multiple log-ins can be allocated with permission stages if required, so you can pre-define what information you wish each user to access.

The client portal is a crucial operational tool which assists with our own internal monitoring processes and allows complete transparency of contract service delivery to the client.

This will include, but not be limited to, such information as details of:

  • Periodic work, 
  • Site specifications & tasks
  • Site inspection scores and collated monthly scores
  • Insurance certification
  • APT Testing information
  • Account Managers contact information
  • Any additional quotes section for any ‘One Off Cleans’

Names and Training Records of Operatives Including:

  • Qualification certificates
  • Quality audit and monthly report schedules and results
  • Accounts
  • Risk Assessments & Method Statements
  • Company policies
  • Service request tracking.

This system provides the following benefits:

  • Cloud based technology
  • Real time remote monitoring
  • Accurate time recording
  • Detailed reporting at site level
  • Integration with our own cost control and HR system


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