About Us

Established in 1996 and headquartered in Mississauga Ontario, Cleaning Facility Services, is a provider of sustainable facility solutions, including janitorial and day porter services, floor and carpet care, facility maintenance, tenant turnover cleaning, and pre/post construction clean-up services to commercial and retail buildings. 

Cleaning Facility Services works in close partnership with our clients to develop customized commercial cleaning programs. Cleaning Facility Services specializes in creating sustainable, clean, healthy, and safe working environments while focusing on service excellence and operational efficiencies.  Our programs have successfully yielded measurable results by improving quality and safety, and containing costs. Our company serves a diverse client base including office, retail, educational, health care and condominium corporations. A professional team with a personal touch, Cleaning Facility Services provides its clients with a consistently high level of service at competitive prices. 

At Cleaning Facility Services, we have built our business on client satisfaction. Partnering with a highly respected property management portfolio. Our Shining Standard of clean, is focused on achieving and maintaining an effective cleaning program for our clients and is derived from the ISSA Standard for Measuring the Effectiveness of Cleaning.






Corporate Philosophy

Cleaning Facility Services's commitment to developing and practicing responsible and sustainable cleaning has grown to become a core value of our company. Our practices encompasses a commitment to: Cleaning for Health, by ensuring safer cleaning solutions, proper training and education for safe handling of products that contain less harmful chemicals. 

Our vision of a healthy and safe environment can only be maintained through a stewardship program that includes everyone involved in the process, from our suppliers and staff, to our clients and building occupants. 

We believe that good partnerships must include a solid, consistent janitorial program that takes into account the types of products, equipment, tools and procedures used in providing our services.  We believe that the impact of these elements determines long-term success in maintaining a healthier and safer environment.






Our Mission

Promise to our clients 
To provide our clients with exceptional cleaning solutions at a competitive price, while paying livable wages and benefits to our trained personnel.

Caring for the environment
Cleaning for Health & Wellness is part of a greater plan to create healthier indoor work/live spaces by eliminating the contaminants that make people sick. To see environmental sustainability as a critical element of a sound business practice.

Respect for our Cleaning Frontline Workers
To reach our business goals it is crucial to have a dedicated workforce. We have a commitment to our staff and we have initiatives in place to ensure we act as a good corporate citizen and an employer of choice in our industry. Education is key! Cleaning Facility Services assures staff competence through continual staff training, including seminars, hands on and online training.






Our People

Cleaning Facility Services is committed to providing its clients with a full compliment of highly trained, qualified and bondable employees who have passed all of the background checks and who are properly certified to perform their jobs.  We understand that during the course of any commitment there are times when changes have to be made.  These may be due to a whole host of reasons, including transportation delays, accidents, illness, minor emergencies, familial obligation or attrition.  For that reason, Cleaning Facility Services has, and will maintain, a reserve of trained qualified staff that are familiar with the various facilities we service, are trained in our cleaning methodology and cleared through the criminal background check system we employ.  All of this is to ensure compliance with our clients requirements.  In the event that a substitute person is required, either on a planned or an emergency basis, Cleaning Facility Services has reserve, qualified and cleared personnel to ensure that there is no lapse in service and quality. Below we outline some of the procedures we employ to ensure that we can meet our obligations under each and every contract.

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