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Cleaning For Health

At Commercial Facility Services, environmental responsibility is not a new concept or recent practice. Cleaning Facility Services is dedicated to creating healthier, high performing facilities. Our commitment to ‘Sustainable Cleaning’ is more than our business, its our mission in life - to transform the cleaning industry from simply cleaning for appearance, to cleaning for health!

Cleaning Facility Services has one clear objective as it relates to sustainable cleaning: to enhance environmental health and workplace safety. This has been our core philosophy for many years. We recognize that cleaning products and practices have a direct impact on quality of life. That is why we strive to be good stewards when maintaining facilities. Our services are about “caring” for a building and going far beyond providing basic janitorial services.

A Shining Standard

Our Shining Standard provides facilities decision-makers with a framework and protocol for qualitative methods to measure and assess cleaning effectiveness on a consistent basis, thereby contributing to the health and quality of the indoor air environment for the benefit of their facility occupant.

Perhaps more importantly, our Shining Standard for sustainable cleaning provides a structured approach to addressing those situations where a facility’s condition and cleanliness are less than desirable. By assessing cleaning effectiveness, facility managers can improve the cleaning process and ensure that a desired level of cleanliness is achieved and maintained. Effective cleaning is especially important in light of the growing body of evidence that concludes that improved hygiene results in reduced illnesses and reduced absenteeism, as well as increased productivity. In this regard, our Shining Standard empowers facility managers to select a cleaning process that is the most effective and economical.


Client Testimonials

Cleaning Facility Services has first rate product and equipment knowledge and uses EcoLogo™ certified products. They provide their employees with superior ongoing training for both safety and optimal sustainability. Assistant Director, Physical Facilities, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

We have found Cleaning Facility Services Corporation to be committed to quality and high professional cleaning services. Recently, we raised the bar for cleaning service at our complex and Cleaning Facility Services responded by meeting our stringent requirements for medical/office use tenants Property Manager

We are pleased to confirm that since April, 2008, Cleaning Facility Services Corporation has been a remarkable company with outstanding and dependable competent staffAssistant VP, RIOCAN Management Inc.


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